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Why consultations with FLG?

  • Genuine Filipino attorneys who understand how the U.S. and Philippine legal system works with a strong network of resources and a wealth of information to provide.
  • Open 24 Hours to accommodate time differences allowing meetings with attorneys and consultations with clients to happen around the clock accordingly. Especially helpful for urgent and immigration conferences.
  • All consultation fees will be used towards credit for the professional fees should you hire us.

Consultation Benefits

  • In-depth analysis and a comprehensive interview by a licensed U.S. attorney and/or licensed Philippine attorney at law.
  • Attorney-Client Privilege Confidentiality allows you to speak freely and openly regarding your matter without the risk of information being used against you in a court of law.
  • Explore all your legal options discussing the pros and cons of each option. In some cases, cutting your losses early to prevent further financial losses.
  • Identify and develop a legal action plan with the attorney on which steps to take to achieve your objective.

Our consultations vary depending on the legal matter and complexity of the problem. We keep the consultations under an hour by requesting all pertinent documents and questions be reviewed prior to the consultation appointment. For complex U.S or Philippine matters we may include a second attorney at our discretion to join the consultation. All paid consultations include the confidentiality protection of the Attorney-Client privilege.

We accept all major credit/debit cards and payment in cash or money order.
How do I schedule a consultation now? Easy. Use our consultation form!
By scheduling a legal consultation with the Filipino Law Group you agree to the following terms:

  1. You agree to pay for the legal advice and opinion from a licensed United States and/or Philippine attorney associated with the Filipino Law Group network. This consultation does not in any way obligate our offices to represent you, recognize you as our client, or require us to provide you legal services on your behalf until a formal retainer agreement is signed between FLG and you with any applicable fees and costs.
  2. You agree that the consultation is limited to the legal matter and pertinent area of law determined before the consultation appointment and any other inquiries on legal matters or other areas of law not originally agreed upon will require additional fees at the discretion of the Filipino Law Group.
  3. You agree that this consultation does not bind you as our client and you are free to consult with other attorneys in obtaining additional information and alternative opinions should you feel necessary to do so.

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