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Dear :

Filipino Law Group (FLG) is pleased to have the opportunity to render legal advice to you.

This letter is to confirm the terms of engagement and define the scope of the consultation appointment.

For a nonrefundable fee of $ , FLG will have a licensed [Philippine; California] attorney ready for you at an appointed date and time to provide you legal advice and opinion limited to the legal matter and pertinent area of law regarding

  in the Philippines through an In-Person Meeting, Telephone Conference or via Skype Online.

This engagement shall not include legal representation in dealing with any third party or the filing of any pleadings or legal documents in any court or tribunal in the Philippines [California].  This agreement is purely for legal consultation with FLG attorneys for the matter specifically outlined in the preceding paragraph. Inquiries on legal matters or other areas of law not originally agreed upon in this letter will require additional fees at the discretion of the Filipino Law Group.

This consultation does not bind you as our client and you are free to consult with other attorneys in obtaining additional information and alternative opinions should you feel necessary to do so.

In the event you want to retain the services of an FLG attorney for legal representation and service a separate retainer agreement is required and shall be executed between you and FLG.

If you agree to the terms above please sign below and fax or email this letter to mike@filipinolawgroup.com or FAX (213) 596 3772.


Sincerely yours,



Business Manager


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