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The FILIPINO LAW GROUP (FLG) was originally founded to provide assistance to anyone throughout the United States who may need legal advice, consultation and representation from licensed Filipino lawyers from the United States or the Philippines. Due to the influx of consultations the Filipino Law Group now provides legal consultations worldwide by Skype, video and telephone..We are founded on the belief that our professional legal services are instrumental to all matters involving the Philippines. We are here to assist anyone from the Philippines who may have personal business or business endeavors in the United States and vice versa, which will require the help and legal assistance from a certified group of select Filipino attorneys.  Learn More 

Protection. Service. Compassion.

This is the commitment you will experience when working with us. Our dedicated service is recognized by trusted agencies and renowned organizations worldwide. We are committed to aiding Filipinos requiring legal assistance both in the United States and the Philippines. Explore the site below to learn more and clearly understand our mission: We Are Here To Help.

“The real problem is connecting lawyers to people who need them. I have 50 people right now needing lawyers. The legal system is fragmented and it’s hard for people to wade through, but I think there are just too many lawyers without access to clients who need them the most.” – Mark Koba, Senior Editor CNBC quoting Michele Colucci, CEO of MyLawsuit

This is a common scenario for people looking for legal help, particularly for Filipinos looking for Filipino lawyers in the United States. Filipinos in diaspora have specific needs and idiosyncrasies that only certified Filipino lawyers can fully understand well enough to provide the kind of legal assistance they need.



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For Attorneys: If you would like to be listed as part of the Filipino Law Group network please send email or contact our headquarters directly at 213.380.3939.

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Looking for Filipino Lawyers in the United States

Government policies are continuously being drafted, deliberated, and promulgated by members of the United States Executive Branch and Congress. This brings a need for legal counsel, resulting in a growing demand for certified lawyers and related professionals in both the private and public sectors. This involves a wide range of sectors and industry niches that includes people from all walks of life. Examples include environmental standards, family law, business law, contract laws, real estate, consumer protection acts, and taxation issues and immigration concerns. All concerns and issues in these areas, and more, are covered by the accomplished Filipino attorneys at the Filipino Law Group. Our group of Filipino lawyers will sit down with you to discuss all your legal concerns in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation that can only be cultivated from having the same kindred origins. Fully certified and highly skilled in the complexities of the United States Federal and State laws, our attorneys from the Filipino Law Group will help you understand the system better. This will help you to get all of your needs addressed and solved.

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If you want to be sure that a paid consultation is right for you kindly tell us about your case. The Filipino Law Group will review your case for free and contact you within 24 hours. Our Filipino lawyers have the specific tools and experience needed to serve you best. 


The United States immigration system is complex, often chaotic, and can be very frustrating, particularly for those who do not know how to effectively handle immigration policies. The Filipino Law Group knows all these intricacies and will work with you on all your needs. – Request An Immigration Consultation


Throughout our years of dedicated service, we have built strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We always appreciate referrals. Please read our testimonials from actual clients Worldwide. We believe in community. Building bridges is our passion. – Read Our Testimonials

What We Do
We are passionate about helping Filipinos worldwide obtain professional, honest assistance with all their legal needs. The world today has no boundaries. The FILIPINO LAW GROUP (FLG) is dedicated and ready to serve anyone globally with legal matters in the United States or in the Philippines. Read More About Our Mission
Attorneys from the FILIPINO LAW GROUP have the advantage of knowing the culture, the language and the idiosyncrasies of the Filipino. This advantage makes an attorney-client relationship easily established with ease, comfort and trust. Our team has over 3 decades of combined legal experience both with U.S. law and Philippine law.  
When working with the FILIPINO LAW GROUP, you can rest assured you will be working with qualified professionals that will effectively help you in all matters pertaining to U.S. Law as well as other legal services related to the Philippines and its law. Request A Professional Consultation Today
At the Filipino Law Group we believe that the center of happiness is a warm and loving family. Whether you are starting your family or extending your family, your journey is exciting! Our Philippine adoption program was developed by Philippine and U.S. licensed attorneys specializing in U.S. immigration and Philippine adoptions. In association with our partners accredited with the Philippine Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) we ensure that the complicated process of adopting a child would be handled as smoothly and simply as possible. Learn More
Get up to date with news from the Philippines and other relevant matters from across the United States. Know more about the latest scoop and all the juicy tidbits of information from back home that would make life for all Filipinos in diaspora worth living. Get these all and more! – See The Latest News
Over the years we have come to understand that our clients in the Philippines have unique and very personal needs. If you need help from certified Filipino lawyers in the US, then call the FILIPINO LAW GROUP. These US-certified Filipino attorneys will assist and represent you in any legal matter that you require. Our services are guaranteed strictly confidential. – Request A Confidential Consultation

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