Our team of lawyers, paralegals, and investigators, who have years of experience in Philippine real property matters, can help you deal with different property and title issues.  Specifically, we can help you with the following services:

  • Asset search to determine if a person or company owns real properties in the Philippines.
  • Title search to:
    • Determine whether the title is genuine;
    • Check if there are liens or encumbrances on the title;
    • Trace history of the property and its title.
  • Obtain certified true copies of title to lands.
  • Verify payment of real property taxes and obtain real property tax clearances.
  • Determine a property’s assessed value and the improvements thereon, if any.
  • Transfer of title through sale, donation, quitclaim, inheritance, partition, etc.
  • Prepare contracts involving lands (e.g. deed of sale, contract to sell, deed of donation, deed of extrajudicial settlement of estate, and power of attorney).
  • Assist non-Filipinos in legal purchase of condominium units.
  • Recover payments made on canceled contract to sell real property.
  • Obtain replacement for loss or destroyed owner’s title.
  • Annotate or remove liens or encumbrances on title.
  • File legal actions to recover title to or possession of real property.
  • Ocular inspection of property to determine its physical condition.

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