Pacquiao’s Promoters Lawsuit

The Filipino Law Group (FLG) has decided to file a lawsuit against the promoter, trainer and manager of Manny Pacquiao for perpetrating fraud in the so-called “Fight of the Century” between Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on May 2, 2015. FLG sued Top Rank, Inc., Bob Arum, Michael Koncz and Freddie Roach (“team”) for not disclosing before the fight that Pacquaio had sustained severe right shoulder injury and in fact tried to cover it up. FLG decided not to sue Pacquaio as a defendant in this action unlike other lawsuits filed in other courts in the U.S. because FLG feels that Pacquaio’s team is the culpable party.

Not only the team intentionally concealed Pacquaio’s injury, it misrepresented that Pacquaio was 100% physically fit to knock out Mayweather in the latter rounds of the fight. The attempt to conceal Pacquiao’s injury is evidenced by Koncz’ overt act of indicating in the Nevada State Athletic Commission questionnaire that Pacquaio had no shoulder injury.

The team’s promotion of Pacquaio as the boxer who will knock out Mayweather where in fact Pacquaio was severely injured and considered a “damaged goods” is false advertising prohibited against California’s Deceptive Advertising Practices under Business and Professions Code section 17500 et seq. and is considered Unfair Competition Practices under Business and Professions Code section 17200.

Millions who paid $100 for per pay view felt “robbed” after learning that Pacquaio essentially fought with one hand when it was revealed that he had suffered a rotator cuff injury on his right shoulder during sparring sessions. The question is: “Had the Team disclose the injury of PACQUAIO before the fight, would boxing fans purchase tickets, buy PPV or wager on the event?” A good analogy is: Would the owner or trainer of Secretariat allow the horse to race the Kentucky Derby knowing that the horse’s leg is injured?

Although Pacquiao is $100 million dollars richer as a result of the fight, he worked hard for it and fought under extremely difficult circumstances brought about by the rigors of training. The issue as to whether or not his injury was disclosed to the public was an executive decision his Team was responsible for. His Team is the offending party for not disclosing a material fact which the boxing world should have been notified about. The “Fight of the Century” became the richest fight ever staged in the history of boxing but it was accomplished on the
backs of the boxing fans throughout the world who were misled and hoodwinked by the defendants in this action.

The Filipino Law Group would like to speak to anyone in the following three classes:

  1. If you paid $100 to watch the fight on Pay Per View
  2. If you paid for tickets to watch the event at MGM or any venue that charged a fee to watch the event i.e.
    Sports Bar, Restaurant, etc.
  3. If you placed a bet or wager on either party of the fight.

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