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The FILIPINO LAW GROUP is dedicated and ready to serve anyone globally with legal matters in the United States or in the Philippines. We are founded on the belief that everyone has the right to assistance with both personal and business endeavors, no matter what your origin. Serving the global community is our passion.

The Filipino-American Community

The latest US Census placed the population of the Filipino-American community to over 3.4 million residents, which has continued to increase substantially since this census statistic was released. This placed the Filipino-American community as the second largest community in the United States, right under the Asian-American population.

This large number of Filipino-Americans living in the United States have assimilated well into American society, and has often been described as the most “Americanized” group belonging to the Asian-American ethnicity. Despite this high level of assimilation, Filipino-Americans maintain close connection to their ethnic community, continuing the “sense of family” that is a key element in Filipino culture.

Legal Needs of the Filipino-American Community

With the Philippine education system strongly based on the American system, Filipino immigrants have the advantage of easily gaining professional licensure in the US, particularly in the medical, dental and other healthcare fields. The American Medical Association placed Filipino physicians as the second largest group of physicians in the US that were professionally trained outside the country.

Filipino-Americans need legal assistance tailored to their specific needs that only a certified group of Filipino lawyers in the United States can fully understand and be capable of assisting with. One such area is with regards to immigration, including employment based immigration. This is a large area of focus because of the large volume of healthcare professionals applying for work in the United States.

Another area of focus for the Filipino Law Group is foreign citizens that have been BLACKLISTED by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI). The Filipino Law Group is an expert at handling these cases and working with the Philippines Bureau of Immigration to get their clients desired results.

If you are looking for legal adoption of a Filipino child. The Filipino Law Group will work closely with you to enter the Philippine adoption program. Our lawyers are closely associated with partners on the Philippine Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) and will utilize these ties to ensure the process of adopting a child will be as smooth and simple as possible.

If You’re Looking For Help Outside Our Areas Of Expertise…


The Filipino Law Group team consists of dedicated legal professionals with over 30 years in combined experience to assist you with US and Philippine legal matters. Once retained as your lawyer we will fight aggressively to ensure your best interests are protected and safe at all times. We strive to deliver amazing customer service and look forward to assisting new clients every day. Although the FLG team stretches from coast to coast and to the other side of the world we have compiled several team members bios from our headquarters located in the same building as the Philippine Consulate of Los Angeles.

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The Filipino Law Group is a global law firm based in Los Angeles that serves clients in the US and other countries by helping them deal with a wide range of legal matters involving the Philippines, particularly on issues concerning properties (real estate), immigration, marriage, setting-up of corporations and other business entities, etc. For consultation, contact the Filipino Law Group Headquarters in the U.S. at +1 (855) MABUHAY | LA Headquarters – 213.380.3939 / 213.380.1611 Fax or email: