news1Senator De Lima Protector of the Constitution and the Unprincipled LP Congressmen

During the campaign, Rody Duterte promised that he will feed criminals to the fish of Manila Bay and will end criminality in six months. Now he advocates a dangerous policy of “shoot-to-kill” criminals where police officers involved in the shooting will be granted a presidential pardon. Read More.




President elect Rody Duterte has been called the “Trump of the East.” The comparison is made because of their similarities in their unconventional approach to winning their respective elections by being “politically incorrect.” Read More.



 news1Extrajudicial Settlement of Estates in the Philippines

When a person dies in the Philippines, property left behind (the “estate”) can only be legally transferred to the heirs through a process called “settlement of estate.” The settlement of estate can either be done through court process (judicial) or without court intervention (extrajudicial). Read More.



 news1Children of Foreign Nationals Married to Filipinos Eligible for Permanent Residence

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima approved on January 8, 2015 Bureau of Immigration (BI) Memorandum Circular No. SBM-2015-001, permitting children of foreign nationals to acquire permanent residence in the Philippines based on the foreign parent’s marriage to a Filipino national. Read More.



custom-drivers Driver’s License for Undocumented Aliens

Starting January 1, 2015, the California’s Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), will start issuing driver’s license to California residents, regardless of immigration status. Read more.