Philippines already carries a very strong reputation of possessing the best beaches in the world. The island style getaways and increasing vacation resorts draw visitors from every corner of the world. Of course, the hospitality that Filipinos are known for definitely aid the Philippines become one of the most visited destinations worldwide.

For one reason or the other, a visitor may find him or herself blacklisted by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI). Either they overstayed on their previous visit, violated a Philippine law, or maybe even had a prior criminal record from several years ago in their country of origin and their information was added to a list of names not allowed to enter Philippines.

One of the most common cases we encounter are visitors discovering upon entrance to the Philippines that a prior offense is now barring them from entering the Philippines. Getting removed from the Philippine BI blacklist can be costly and complex. There are ways of being granted permission to enter and depart from the Philippines at any given time. We will help you through these steps and be deleted from the Philippines Bureau of Immigration Blacklist.

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