The FLG Philippine Adoption Program


At the Filipino Law Group (FLG), we believe that the center of happiness is a warm and loving family. Whether you are starting your family or extending your family by adopting a Filipino child is exciting and probably the greatest accomplishment you will ever do in your entire life.

Having proper legal guidance and assistance play a major factor since receiving inaccurate information or failing to submit necessary requirements can have adverse effects on the desired outcome. Being misinformed of the legal procedures or not understanding the process can delay the adoption significantly or worse, will make your adopted child ineligible to immigrate to your home country.

Who better to guide and point you in the right direction than our experienced Philippine and US attorneys who are knowledgeable with the Philippines and US adoption process? This will ensure the successful completion of the adoption process. FLG is prepared to help prospective adoptive parents whether it be a single individual, a traditional married couple, or even gay/lesbian couples. We will walk them through the legal process and assist them in properly adopting their child from the Philippines and bringing them home to the United States permanently.

The Filipino Law Group can:

  • Walk you through the process of adoption, step by step
  • File your Petition to Adopt, Immigration paperwork and review all legal documents.
  • Assist you through our Philippine office with all necessary or additional communication to keep the case active and in motion.

When adopting a child in the Philippines, prospective adoptive parents must be aware that the adoption process between the United States and the Philippines is governed by the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Inter-Country Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention).

The Hague Adoption Convention is an international treaty designed to protect not only children and birth families, but also adoptive families by setting up strict standards for international adoptions to prevent child trafficking. Prospective adoptive parents must first be found eligible to adopt by the US Government through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The Philippines, which is a signatory to the Hague Adoption Convention, is implementing the convention by enacting Republic Act No. 8043 otherwise known as the Inter-Country Adoption Act of 1995.

There are generally 7 basic steps necessary in order to complete the adoption process for children in the Philippines:

  1. Choose an ICAB-accredited Foreign Adoption Agency (FAA).
  2. Apply to USCIS to be found suitable and eligible to adopt a child from the Philippines.
  3. Be matched with a child by authorities in the child’s country of origin.
  4. Apply to the USCIS for the child to be found eligible for immigration to the United States and receive U.S. provisional approval to proceed with the adoption.
  5. Gain legal custody of the child from the Philippines.
  6. Obtain a U.S. immigrant visa for the child in order to bring the child to your home in the US.
  7. File a petition for adoption of the child in the US.

The time frame of completion of the entire adoption process varies depending on several factors, such as availability of children being matched to prospective adoptive parents and how many prospective parents are on the waitlist along with the caseload of the Philippine social service agencies. After bringing your adopted child to the U.S. there is still a six months trial custody period in which the accredited adoption agency in the U.S. monitors the child’s welfare and adjustment.

This is just a quick overview of adopting a child from the Philippines.

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